The Origins of Watershed: An Interview with Craig Hinds

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In a recent episode of “Celeb Savant,” Barret Edelstein had the pleasure of sitting down with Craig Hinds, the frontman of the iconic South African band Watershed. This insightful conversation not only delved into the band’s music and journey but also revealed the touching story behind their name.

The Teaching Years: Craig’s Early Career

Before Craig Hinds became a household name in the South African music scene, he trained and worked as a teacher. For two years, he dedicated his time to shaping young minds, a profession he found fulfilling yet incomplete. Teaching, while noble, didn’t quite ignite the spark within him that he craved. It was during these reflective moments that Craig began to realise his true passion lay elsewhere.

The Watershed Moment

Craig’s epiphany came like a bolt of lightning—a defining moment that would change the course of his life forever. He decided to leave his teaching career to pursue music full-time, a decision that was both daunting and exhilarating. This moment of clarity and decisive change is what Craig refers to as his “watershed moment,” a term that perfectly encapsulates a significant turning point.

Naming the Band

When it came time to name the band, Craig looked back at this pivotal moment in his life. The name “Watershed” was not just a catchy title; it was a tribute to the life-altering decision he made to follow his dreams. It symbolised transformation, courage, and the beginning of a new chapter.

The Interview

In the interview, Craig eloquently shared this story with Barret Edelstein, offering fans a deeper understanding of the band’s roots and his personal journey. The conversation is filled with anecdotes, reflections, and the genuine warmth that Craig brings to his music and interactions.

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Written by: Ian Fraser

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