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The Origins of Watershed: An Interview with Craig Hinds

In a recent episode of "Celeb Savant," Barret Edelstein had the pleasure of sitting down with Craig Hinds, the frontman of the iconic South African band Watershed. This insightful conversation not only delved into the band's music and journey but also revealed the touching story behind their name. The Teaching Years: Craig's Early Career Before Craig Hinds became a household name in the South African music scene, he trained and […]

todayJuly 3, 2024 13 2

ziggy alberts


The Journey of Ziggy Alberts

In the world of music, few artists manage to carve a niche for themselves with the authenticity and heartfelt resonance that Ziggy Alberts embodies. An Australian singer-songwriter known for his folk and acoustic melodies, Ziggy's rise to prominence is a testament to his genuine connection with his art and his audience. Ziggy Alberts' journey into the world of music began in an unexpected yet profoundly impactful way. Raised in a […]

todayJune 20, 2024 11 2

Izzy Kershaw


Exploring the Musical Journey of Izzy Kershaw

Izzy Kershaw is a name that's making waves in the music industry. Born into a musically rich family, with 80s icon Nik Kershaw as her father and accomplished musician Sheri Kershaw as her mother, Izzy's journey into music seemed almost predestined. But Izzy has carved out her own unique path, characterised by her dynamic and experimental sound that spans genres like rock, electronic, hip-hop, and jazz. Izzy's music is described […]

todayJune 6, 2024 18 2

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