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Antony Costa Blue


Antony Costa’s Collaboration with Elton John

In a recent episode of the Celeb Savant podcast, Barret Edelstein sat down with Antony Costa from the iconic boy band Blue. Among the many stories and insights shared, one standout moment was Antony's recounting of the time when legendary musician Elton John joined Blue in the studio to record the song "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word." Here’s a look at the memorable collaboration and the behind-the-scenes experience. […]

todayJune 13, 2024 4

Fathers Day


Hey…thanks dad! Some ideas for Fathers Day

As Father’s Day approaches on June 16th, it's the perfect time to celebrate the incredible dads in our lives. These unsung heroes often go about their day without seeking applause, yet their impact is profound and far-reaching. Whether it's their unwavering support, wise advice, or simply being there when we need them the most, fathers truly are the backbone of our families. The Many Hats Dads Wear Fathers wear many […]

todayJune 11, 2024 9


Is “Forever” by Bon Jovi a “retirement plan” album?

So Richie Sambora's not there anymore, the "big hair" from the '80's are gone (but then again so are the '80's!), but the question leading up to the release of Bon Jovi's 16th studio album was what it often is for so-called "relics" from the 80's halcyon days of loud stadium rock : can they still hack it, or is this just another nothing album to satisfy a record label […]

todayJune 11, 2024 6

Barend Spies


Barend Spies: Unpacking Retirement Annuities with Sanlam Namibia

In today's fast-paced world, planning for retirement can often feel like navigating through a maze. With countless options and ever-changing financial landscapes, making the right choices for your future can be overwhelming. To shed some light on this critical topic, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Barend Spies, a seasoned financial adviser at Sanlam Namibia. In our insightful conversation, Barend delves into the intricacies of retirement annuities, offering […]

todayJune 7, 2024 14

Izzy Kershaw


Exploring the Musical Journey of Izzy Kershaw

Izzy Kershaw is a name that's making waves in the music industry. Born into a musically rich family, with 80s icon Nik Kershaw as her father and accomplished musician Sheri Kershaw as her mother, Izzy's journey into music seemed almost predestined. But Izzy has carved out her own unique path, characterised by her dynamic and experimental sound that spans genres like rock, electronic, hip-hop, and jazz. Izzy's music is described […]

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Hot Chocolate


Make The Ultimate Hot Chocolate This Winter

As the winter freeze settles in, there's nothing quite like curling up with a steaming mug of hot chocolate to warm your soul. Whether you're snuggling under a blanket with a good book, hosting a Winter dinner with friends, or just looking to treat yourself, this ultimate hot chocolate recipe is your go-to for a luxurious and heartwarming drink. Here's how... The Ultimate Hot Chocolate Recipe Ingredients: 2 cups whole […]

todayJune 6, 2024 15

NOVA_Motherhood_Podcast-Podcast cover


The Secret Life Of Motherhood

Anne and Christine, two well-known (hopefully) Namibian radio personalities are the two moms behind "The Secret Life Of Motherhood." It's a tongue in cheek, interactive podcast, where moms can talk about the.... secret life they live. Topics such as momguilt, is this normal, the embarrassment kids can bring, etc are discussed. Moms are all in the same boat, and sometimes storm, so let's have some fun while we're here. Here […]

todayMay 29, 2024 20


Malaika Salatis… From Reunion Island to Global Stardom

Few artists manage to captivate audiences across multiple domains as effectively as Malaika Salatis. Born and raised on Reunion Island, Malaika embodies a unique blend of cultural heritage, artistic versatility, and an undeniable passion for performance. Her journey is one of perseverance, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to her craft, making her a rising star to watch. A Blossoming Talent Malaika's artistic journey began at a tender age, as she […]

todayMay 29, 2024 8


An Interview with Jethro Tait

Few artists capture the essence of contemporary pop like South African musician Jethro Tait. With a voice that resonates with emotion and lyrics that tell compelling stories, Jethro has carved out a unique space in the music scene. From his early days in the boy band Four to his successful solo career, he continues to evolve as an artist, delivering hits that are both catchy and profound. Jethro Tait’s journey […]

todayMay 23, 2024 9

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