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How often do you replace your hairbrush?

When was the last time you replaced your hairbrush? Apparently, I need to replace mine ASAP. I kind of grew up with the rule of “If it’s broken, fix it. And don’t keep buying a new something, anything, when you already have one.” But, it seems that it’s not such a great rule to live by when it comes to your hairbrush, and you should actually replace it every 6 […]

todayNovember 11, 2022 7



How do we form an emotional connection to different smells?

  We all associate different smells with different emotions, right? Well, we encounter most new smells in our youth. But did you know that we first start to associate smells with emotions before we are even born? Turns out that not only can we hear things while in the womb, but we can experience smells too… and even more interesting, is the fact that smells widely considered unpleasant, such as… […]

todayNovember 2, 2022 18



Are you making the world a better place?

I look at the newspapers and see the stories of poverty and hunger in my beautiful country, and it breaks my heart.  It's not supposed to be like this.  Not in a country with such a small population and abundant natural resources.  We can no longer turn a blind eye and just accept things as they are.  When are we going to start taking accountability?  When are we going to […]

todayMay 10, 2022 48



Eating From My Garden

I've been spending a lot more time in the garden lately.  I'm still learning, and there's been a bit of collateral damage, but I've had success as well.  It felt really great when I could cook a stew with the pickings from my Lazy housewife green beans. I strongly believe that we all need to start growing some of our own food.  And I wish community gardens were a thing […]

todayMay 10, 2022 37 1



Do you have cats?

I always thought that I'm more of a dog person, until the lockdowns started in 2020. That was the year a feral cat decided to choose me as her mama. It must be the most amazing feeling ever when a wild animal chooses you as their human. My collection of cats have grown over the last two years, I  now have 3 feline babies at home. The youngest one, which is also the […]

todayMay 10, 2022 26 1



Midlife crisis or a promise fulfilled?

I've recently acquired a motorcycle. Yes, I know what you're thinking..."it's a midlife crisis" or "trying to recapture his long-lost youth" yada yada. But to be fair, this is nothing new - I've been riding motorcycles since I was 5 years old - literally! I rode for the very first time on a friend's parents farm - and they have a little PW 50 for the kids. Fell first time […]

todayMay 10, 2022 27



Who knew?

I was as surprised as, I would Imagine, most people were around the world when the Russia/Ukraine war erupted in February. Who would have imagined another conflagration of this scale happening in Europe some 80 years after the Second World War. It was unthinkable. After all the reason it was unlikely that war would erupt there again was the basic truth that the two World Wars were centred in Europe, […]

todayMay 10, 2022 13



Writing Stuff Again

The old saying goes that "everyone has one book in them"...and while I've dabbled in creative writing - I was about three quarters of the wy through writing a crime thriller while at Varsity - I've never really gotten back into writing of whqtever natutre. Until now. To be honest I'm much more critical of my own efforts in this regard than Iv was back in the day, but I […]

todayMay 10, 2022 22

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