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Meet PD Stoman, host of ‘Agra Draadloos Direk,’ – Namibia’s trailblazing agricultural radio programme that showcases the latest developments in the agricultural sector.

With a diverse professional background, PD has cultivated a wealth of experience in various fields.

During a 15 year research career, PD acquired the ability to ask questions that dive deep into any topic.

Alongside his professional pursuits, PD has made a living as a modern day adventurer. His love for water sports, rock climbing and dirt bikes allows him to explore the few remaining unknowns that the world still holds.

A fervent hunting enthusiast, PD’s love for the great outdoors is matched by passion for maintaining harmony between humans and nature.

Join PD Stoman on ‘Agra Draadloos Direk’ on Nova 103.5, to experience agriculture and gain a wholesome appreciation for the bountiful land we share. 

Catch Agra Draadloos at these hours:
Tuesdays at 05h45
Wednesdays at 18h30
Thursdays at 16h00
Saturdays at 09h00
Sundays at 11h30


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