Exploring the Musical Journey of Izzy Kershaw

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Izzy Kershaw is a name that’s making waves in the music industry. Born into a musically rich family, with 80s icon Nik Kershaw as her father and accomplished musician Sheri Kershaw as her mother, Izzy’s journey into music seemed almost predestined. But Izzy has carved out her own unique path, characterised by her dynamic and experimental sound that spans genres like rock, electronic, hip-hop, and jazz.

Izzy’s music is described as “fast, crunchy, and emotional,” a reflection of her personal experiences and creative flair. She’s been making music since her teenage years, mastering various instruments and honing her production skills from a young age. Her collaboration with her father on the single “Paranoid” marked a significant milestone, showcasing her ability to channel personal struggles into powerful musical expressions.

One of the defining aspects of Izzy’s story is her battle with ADHD. This condition, which often makes tasks like completing projects challenging, has profoundly influenced her creative process. In a candid conversation with Barret Edelstein, also known as “The Celeb Savant,” Izzy opened up about her journey with ADHD and how it has shaped her music.

In the interview, Izzy shared how she used to struggle with finishing songs, often leaving them incomplete. However, over time, she learned the importance of seeing a song through to completion before moving on to the next project. This shift not only improved her productivity but also allowed her to fully develop her ideas and deliver more polished and cohesive music.

Barret’s chat with Izzy delves deep into her creative process, her inspirations, and how she navigates the challenges of ADHD in her professional life. Their conversation provides valuable insights into the mind of an artist who refuses to be defined by her struggles, instead using them as fuel for her artistic endeavors.

For those interested in the full discussion, including Izzy’s thoughts on the intersection of creativity and ADHD, you can listen to the entire podcast episode below. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of Izzy Kershaw and discover what makes her one of the most intriguing voices in contemporary music.

Written by: Ian Fraser

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