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Nick DeCosemo


Nick DeCosemo: Ahead of His Time or Caught Between Scenes?

In a conversation with Barret Edelstein, known as The Celeb Savant, Nick DeCosemo, a key figure in Freeform Five, shed light on the unique positioning of the group's music within the industry. Freeform Five, a collective composed of Nick DeCosemo alongside Anu Pillai, Cabba, and Tamara Barnett-Herrin, carved out a distinct niche with their innovative sound. However, this distinctiveness came with its challenges. According to DeCosemo, their music found itself […]

todayApril 11, 2024 5 2

Free Excel Course


Unleash the Power of Excel with Miss Excel…Free Masterclass!

Miss Excel has announced a  FREE LIVE 60-minute masterclass you won't want to miss! This is your golden opportunity to learn directly from Kat Norton, also known as Miss Excel, a Microsoft MVP renowned for making Excel fun and accessible to all. Why You Should Register Today In this dynamic, free LIVE session, Miss Excel will unveil her top secret hacks that will empower you to leverage Microsoft Excel's full […]

todayApril 10, 2024 7


Kevin Simm: A Journey of Rediscovery

It's not uncommon to find yourself lost in doubt and negativity. In an podcast interview with Barret Edelstein, known as "The Celeb Savant," Kevin opens up about the moments he found himself in dire mental spaces and how he navigated his way back to positivity. Kevin Simm, is a name synonymous with the band Liberty X. The group, born from ITV's "Popstars," carved a niche in the early 2000s with […]

todayApril 4, 2024 9 2


Martin Bourboulon: A Journey in Filmmaking

In the world of cinema, few stories are as compelling as those that weave together personal passion with a legacy of creativity. Martin Bourboulon's ascent in the film industry is a testament to this blend, a narrative richly explored in an insightful conversation with Barret Edelstein, popularly known as "The Celeb Savant". Bourboulon, a name that has begun to resonate with cinephiles globally, has carved a niche for himself, not […]

todayMarch 28, 2024 14 2


The Celeb Savant With Betty Boo

Betty Boo, born Alison Clarkson, carved a unique niche for herself in the music industry in the late '80s and early '90s. Alison Clarkson, before she became known as Betty Boo, was already making waves in the underground UK hip-hop scene. The transformation into Betty Boo came after a comedic mishap with a haircut led her to adopt a style reminiscent of the flapper-era icon Betty Boop, albeit with a […]

todayMarch 21, 2024 8 2


The Celeb Savant With Elaine

In the collection of South African music stars, one name is shining bright: Elaine. The Pretoria-born singer-songwriter, Ndivhuwo Elaine Mukheli, has gracefully etched her name into the heart of the R&B genre, not just within the borders of her home country but on the global stage as well. Her debut EP, "Elements," released in 2019, is a testament to her talent, showcasing a blend of soulful melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and […]

todayMarch 14, 2024 7 3


The Celeb Savant With Wang Chung

In the tapestry of 1980s music, Wang Chung emerges as a distinctive thread, weaving through the era with their innovative sound and memorable hits. Recently, Barret Edelstein had the privilege of delving into the band's journey with none other than Jack Hues, one of the masterminds behind Wang Chung's success. This conversation shed light on the creative process, pressures, and pivotal moments that have defined their musical voyage. The Genesis […]

todayMarch 7, 2024 5 2


Marcia Barret From Boney M. Her Remarkable Story!

In an exclusive and intimate interview, Barret Edelstein, the Celeb Savant, sat down with the legendary Marcia Barrett, the voice that helped catapult Boney M. to global stardom. This conversation went beyond the music, offering fans a rare glimpse into the personal journey, resilience, and heartwarming moments of one of the disco era's most iconic figures. The Playful Banter The interview kicked off with light-hearted banter, showcasing the warm rapport […]

todayFebruary 29, 2024 20


Your Computer Is Vulnerable If You Don’t Do This!

In today's digital age, cybersecurity threats are more sophisticated and rampant than ever before. Recent findings from Jamf, a leading authority in Apple security and management, shed light on the critical vulnerabilities faced by Mac and iPhone users. However, these concerns are not exclusive to Apple users; Windows users are equally at risk. Here are some essential security measures for both Mac and Windows users, aimed at strengthening your digital […]

todayFebruary 27, 2024 3

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