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todayMay 10, 2022 131

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The old saying goes that “everyone has one book in them”…and while I’ve dabbled in creative writing – I was about three quarters of the wy through writing a crime thriller while at Varsity – I’ve never really gotten back into writing of whqtever natutre. Until now. To be honest I’m much more critical of my own efforts in this regard than Iv was back in the day, but I must admit that I’m actully enjoung putting pen o paper again, in a anner of speaking (more like fingers to keyboard!) So I have resolved to see if I really still have the urge to write anything at all by dabbling in these blogs – while it is hardly some grandiose tome, I remenber clearly the compulsion that I felt while I was working on my novel at university – and in case you were wondering, I actively suppressed the urge to write simply because, by the time I got to third yrar at UCT I was battling to cope with a double major of International Political Studies and Clinical Psychology and all the accompanying hours it took. So I stopped writing – and now I’m wondering whether it may return if I give my old creative self a tantalising taste of what it was like to not be able to stop no matter the hour…and getting into it again after I woke up even efore coffee or brushing teeth. Ye3s, it was THAt compelling – who knows – I might get back into it!

Written by: Deon v Rensburg

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