Why does turkey make me sleepy? Or does it?

todayNovember 23, 2023 72

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Have you ever found yourself sprawled out on the couch, eyelids heavy, after indulging in a Christmas banquet? Let’s dive into the mystery of the infamous post-turkey snooze! Is it the tryptophan in the turkey, or is there more to this holiday-induced drowsiness?

The Tryptophan Tease: We’ve all heard the whispers about tryptophan, the supposed sleep-inducing agent in turkey. But hold your cranberry sauce – turns out, it’s not the turkey’s fault entirely. Sure, turkey does contain tryptophan, a snooze-friendly amino acid, but you’d need to eat a huge amount of turkey to feel any significant effects.

The real culprit behind the post-Christmas siesta is carbs and calories! That delightful parade of mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pie is a carb carnival that sends your blood sugar on a rollercoaster ride. The result? A crash that makes you feel like you’ve just finished a marathon of holiday cheer. Who knew your body could be so dramatic?

As if the carb conspiracy wasn’t enough, let’s raise a glass to another accomplice – alcohol. Those festive drinks might be adding more than just cheer to your holiday spirit. Alcohol, with its seductive powers, teams up with the carbs for a one-two punch that leaves you longing for a cozy blanket and a good nap.

Aaaaaand…there’s more! Digesting that Christmas feast triggers a change in circulation. As your body diverts blood to the breaking down of the turkey, stuffing, and all the fixings, your brain gets less attention.

Now that we’ve unmasked the culprits, how about some tips to outsmart the post-feast fatigue? Chew on these nuggets of wisdom: eat slowly, go for smaller portions, snack wisely before the main event, keep the alcohol intake in check, take a post-dinner stroll (who needs a nap when you can strut?), and maintain your regular sleep and exercise routines.

So there you have it – the real story behind the turkey-induced trance. This Christmas, as you navigate the sea of dishes and navigate the delicate dance between feast and fatigue, remember: it’s not just the turkey, it’s the whole festive fiesta that’s casting its spell. Merry Christmas…!

Written by: Ian Fraser

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