Wait, now Intermitted Fasting Is Bad For Us?

todayMarch 21, 2024 10

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Intermitted Fasting

I love intermittent fasting. A friend and I do it together, so we support each other every week, and we love it, we really do.

Personally, I can feel the difference in my energy levels, so yes, for me, I think it’s working. It’s a good thing.

So, imagine my surprise and curiosity when I came across a new study that apparently found it to be really bad for your health.

The main points to take away here however are:

  • Even though this new study links intermittent fasting to a higher risk of early death instead of longevity. Some experts are skeptical, citing major limitations with the study like other lifestyle variables. 
  • And it’s too early to say if fasting has long-term risks, so focus on what you eat instead of when. 

This new study has not been published yet, but it apparently found that intermittent fasting is linked to a higher risk of dying of cardiovascular disease.

But, after going through the report’s summary, independent experts are skeptical.

So, in conclusion… While there’s not yet enough evidence to say intermittent fasting is risky, the findings suggest we may have a lot more to learn about whether it’s good for our health in the long run.

Fair enough, I guess.

Written by: Anne Mans

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