The result of a “close encounter”…sings The Who!?

todayFebruary 15, 2024 29

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Imagine the scenario, if you can…fading tennis star meets waitress at the restaurant Nobu in London. The two of them are overcome with lust and, rather than wait a couple of minutes like adults to find a shag pad, they decide a broom closet is ideal. So they go in where they don’t have full sex but, how shall I put it, a “Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski” moment. She falls pregnant and he denies paternity because they did not have “full” sex. A test, however, confirms it – so sorry to spoil whatever it is you’re eating – so she had contrived to use his stuff to get the job done (turkey-basters, anyone?) This sounds like the plot of a very bad (!) porn movie, but it’s true. The tennis star is Boris Becker, Wimbledon champion at 17, and the turkey-baster operator and waitress is Angela Ermakova. The offspring resulting from this “encouter” is Anna Ermakova. And I’m pretty sure she has had many nightmares about the circumstances of her conception…not the best conversation starter with strangers – but I digress. Wikipedia describes her as “Anna Ermakova is a well-known British model, social media influencer, Instagram star, celebrity family member, television personality, and businesswoman.”…so no real job, then? (Sorry, I had to!). She has decided to exploit her fame and start a singing career – and she’s actually doing OK for herself in the German charts – but it’s a cover of a great song so I’m sure that didn’t hurt. Make up your own mind about the future of her singing career…and yes, you can clearly see Boom Boom Becker is her Daddy! (Sorry, I’ll stop now…)


Written by: Deon v Rensburg

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