Sophie Ellis-Bextor On Her “Strictly Come Dancing” Experience!

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Sophie Ellis-Bextor, well-known for her hit “Murder on the Dancefloor,” recently appeared on “The Celeb Savant,” hosted by Barret Edelstein, where she discussed her career and her time on “Strictly Come Dancing.” During the interview, Sophie gave an honest account of the challenges she faced when joining the show, a stark contrast to her usual confidence as a performer.

Facing New Challenges

Sophie admitted to Edelstein that despite her stage experience, joining “Strictly Come Dancing” was daunting. “I’ve always been comfortable performing at my concerts, but dancing in ‘Strictly’ was a completely new and nerve-wracking experience,” she explained. This vulnerability highlighted a different side of the pop star that isn’t usually seen by the public.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Growth and Resilience on the Dance Floor

Throughout her time on “Strictly,” Sophie’s progression was evident. Each week, she tackled a new dance style, gradually building her confidence and showcasing her versatility. She spoke about the personal growth she experienced, emphasizing that the show pushed her to adapt and overcome her initial apprehension.

Lasting Impact

Reflecting on her journey, Sophie told Edelstein that “Strictly Come Dancing” had a significant impact on her, teaching her valuable lessons about resilience and adaptability. The experience, she noted, has enriched her performances, allowing her to connect with her music and audience in new ways.

Sophie’s conversation with Barret Edelstein provided an insightful glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of stepping out of one’s comfort zone, proving that even seasoned performers can face new fears and, more importantly, rise above them.

Here’s Barret’s full interview with her…

Here’s her performance in Strictly Come Dancing…

Written by: Ian Fraser

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