Signs Of Dehydration In Cats And Dogs

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16 Signs Your Pet May Be Dangerously Dehydrated

Do you know what the signs of dehydration are in your pets?

Of course, when we’re home, they are inside, but, when we’re not, they are outside, and exposed to the heat. And since a dog and a cat’s body is made up of about 80% water hydration is pretty important.

So, here’s what to look out for.

Lethargy, so if your pet has less energy than usual.

A loss of appetite. If my cats don’t eat, I KNOW something is up.

Sunken eyes. Might be difficult to spot this sign, seeing that we see our pets every single day, and subtle changes are sometimes a little hard to notice, but it’s good to know what to take note of.

And depression. So, if you dog or cat is usually very happy to see you, follows you around, plays with their toys, and then all of a sudden, they don’t, that might also be a sign of dehydration.

I might be an absolute cat fanatic, but I’m not a vet so, I wouldn’t even try a home remedy (in medical situations, I don’t think it’s ever really a great idea anyway), so, if you suspect your pet might be dehydrated, just get in touch with your vet rather.

And, of course prevention is best, so always make sure your pets have access to enough water and shade during the day.

And an air-conditioned bed at night.

Written by: Anne Mans

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