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In today’s fast-paced world, finding time to plan meals and cook can be a challenge. Samsung’s innovative app, Samsung Food, offers a solution that might just change how you manage your kitchen. Born from the acquisition and rebranding of the popular app Whisk, Samsung Food is more than just a recipe saver—it’s a complete meal planning powerhouse designed for the modern home cook.

Why Samsung Food Stands Out

Samsung Food is not just another recipe app. It integrates deeply with Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem, allowing users to control Samsung smart appliances directly from the app. Imagine pre-heating your oven or setting a timer on your Samsung refrigerator screen while browsing for what to cook next—Samsung Food makes it possible.

Samsung Food

Features That Shine

The app offers features that cater to all your cooking needs:

  • Recipe Discovery: Access a database of over 160,000 recipes worldwide. Whether you’re craving Italian pasta or Korean bibimbap, Samsung Food has you covered.
  • Meal Planning: Plan your meals for the week with ease. The app not only saves recipes but also helps you organize them into a personalized meal plan.
  • Shopping List Integration: Automatically generates shopping lists based on your meal plans. The app adjusts quantities based on the number of servings you need, reducing food waste and saving time.
  • Smart Appliance Integration: Seamlessly connect with Samsung smart home devices, such as the BESPOKE Family Hub Refrigerators and AI Ovens, to enhance your cooking experience.

Looking Ahead: AI Features

Samsung is set to expand the app’s capabilities with cutting-edge AI features. Future updates include Vision AI, which will allow the app to recognize food items through your phone camera and provide nutritional information. This integration aims to bridge the gap between meal planning and health management, making Samsung Food a tool for lifestyle enhancement.

Get Started with Samsung Food

Ready to take your meal planning to the next level? Samsung Food is available for download on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Explore its features, save your favorite recipes, and integrate your meal planning with your smart home devices for a truly connected cooking experience.

Whether you’re a tech-savvy foodie or a busy parent looking to streamline kitchen duties, Samsung Food offers a robust set of tools designed to enhance your culinary adventures. Give it a try and transform how you cook and enjoy meals at home!

Written by: Ian Fraser

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