Preventing Water Loss in Namibia: Insights from Rainer Rapp

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Water conservation is a critical issue in Namibia, especially during the winter months when the country often faces severe drought conditions. In light of this, Deon recently interviewed Rainer Rapp, the owner of Engineered Plastics & Linings, to gain professional advice on managing water resources effectively. Rainer, an expert in pool covers and plastic linings, shared valuable insights on how these products can help mitigate water loss in both residential pools and agricultural dams.

The Importance of Pool Covers in Winter

One of the key points Rainer emphasised was the essential role pool covers play in winter, particularly during drought periods. Pool covers are not just for keeping leaves and debris out; they significantly reduce water evaporation, which is a major concern in arid regions like Namibia. By using pool covers, homeowners can conserve a substantial amount of water, ensuring that their pools remain full and usable without needing frequent top-ups.

Preventing Water Leakage with Engineered Plastics & Linings

Rainer also discussed how Engineered Plastics & Linings helps in preventing water leakage in dams and ponds, which is crucial for farmers and those managing large water bodies. The company provides high-quality plastic linings that create a barrier, preventing water seepage and thus conserving precious water resources. This is particularly beneficial in drought-affected regions where every drop of water is invaluable.

Success Stories in Namibia

During the interview, Rainer shared several examples of how their solutions have successfully prevented water loss in Namibia. One notable instance involved a farm where a dam was losing significant amounts of water due to leakage. After installing one of Engineered Plastics & Linings’ specialised plastic linings, the water retention improved drastically, helping the farm maintain its water supply throughout the dry season.

Written by: Ian Fraser

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