Nick DeCosemo: Ahead of His Time or Caught Between Scenes?

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In a conversation with Barret Edelstein, known as The Celeb Savant, Nick DeCosemo, a key figure in Freeform Five, shed light on the unique positioning of the group’s music within the industry. Freeform Five, a collective composed of Nick DeCosemo alongside Anu Pillai, Cabba, and Tamara Barnett-Herrin, carved out a distinct niche with their innovative sound. However, this distinctiveness came with its challenges. According to DeCosemo, their music found itself in a liminal space – not quite pop enough for mainstream listeners yet too accessible for the purists of the underground dance scene.

Nick DeCosemo & Barret Edelstein

This peculiar standing, DeCosemo argues, may have been a case of being “ahead of its time.” At a point when the music industry and its audience were rigidly divided between mainstream and underground sounds, Freeform Five was crafting tracks that refused to fit neatly into one category. Their rework of Isolee’s ‘Beau Mot Plage’ into a genre-blending hit is a prime example. Featuring elements of Brazilian-acid-funk and house, the track exemplifies the band’s approach: music that’s as complex and diverse as the backgrounds of its members.

Their journey, from meeting in the sixth form to forming a band that would defy genre constraints, speaks volumes about their innovative spirit. Despite the industry’s categorical challenges, Freeform Five’s work remains a testament to their creative ambition. Their music, enriched with a variety of influences and unconfined by genre norms, set a precedent for the eclectic sounds that would gain popularity in later years.

The conversation with Edelstein highlights an important aspect of music history. Often, artists and groups that push boundaries may not find immediate success or recognition within the established markets. Yet, their contributions pave the way for future musical evolutions. Freeform Five’s experience serves as a case study in how timing, market readiness, and industry perceptions can impact the reception of innovative music.

If you’re interested in the full depth of this conversation, the podcast with Barret Edelstein offers a detailed exploration of Freeform Five’s journey and the broader implications for music creators who dare to defy genre boundaries.


Written by: Ian Fraser

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