Meet The Worlds Ugliest Dog

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In 2023’s annual competition, a unique Chinese Crested puppy, with a bald body and backward-facing hind legs, claimed the title of “World’s Ugliest Dog.” Meet Scooter, a proud 7-year-old who confidently strutted on his front legs while his hind legs swayed in the air, accepting the prestigious award. Linda Celeste Elmquist, Scooter’s human companion, expressed that the honour was well-deserved as he outshone seven other unconventional canines in the competition.

Scooter became part of Elmquist’s family earlier this year when another member of the Saving Animals From Euthanasia group could no longer care for the pup. His original owner, who had lovingly cared for him for most of his life, rescued Scooter from the prospect of being euthanised. At birth, Scooter’s breeder had handed him over to animal control for that purpose due to his deformed hind joints and backward legs.

Despite his disability, Scooter’s upbeat spirit has never wavered. Since he was a puppy, he has been adept at walking on his front legs, while assuming a tripod-like position on his back legs when it’s time to rest. In Scooter’s biography, Elmquist remarked that he has no awareness of being any different from other dogs. With a swaying motion, he fearlessly takes on various obstacles like stones, curbs, and steps, and in one triumphant swoop, he overcomes them by throwing his back end towards the sky.

To enhance Scooter’s mobility, he has been fitted with a cart that has opened up new possibilities for him. This remarkable addition has allowed him to achieve more than he ever could before, empowering him to navigate the world with greater freedom and joy.

Written by: Ian Fraser

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