Lampo The Train Dog

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Lampo The Dog

Ever heard of Lampo, the dog that used to ride trains, by himself?

It is the cutest!

Lampo was a stray dog in Italy in the early 1950’s. One day, he got off at a railway station, and was immediately taken in and adopted by the station master.

Lampo was incredibly smart, so much so, that he very quickly learned the train schedules, and was even able to distinguish the fast trains from the slow trains.

So much so that he would hop on a train every day, go out for the full day, and come back at sunset. 

Most mornings he would also accompany his master’s daughter to school, via train, and then come back, all by himself.

After a few years, management forced the stationmaster to rehome Lampo, since it was against the rules to have him there in the first place.

And so, Lampo was put on a cargo train to Naples, but he managed to return after only a few days.

Not long after that, he was given to a friend of the stationmaster in a different town, and after about 5 months, guess what happened? Lampo came back!

By this time, management at the station gave up, and Lampo became the railway station’s official mascot.

How cute is that??  

I just LOVE this story. I bet Lampo really was the ‘goodest’ boy!

Written by: Anne Mans

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