Just How Bad Are Tight Jeans To Your Health?

todayNovember 1, 2023 19

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The Skinny-Jeans Backlash: Why Non-Stretch Denim Is Ruling Again - WSJ

Turns out, and I guess now that I think about it, wearing your skinny jeans too often, is pretty bad for your health.

Jeans tend to be a much stronger material than other tight-fitting clothes, so they don’t really GIVE as much as, let’s say… ski-pants, haha… there’s an old word for you, straight out of the 80’s!!

So, skinny jeans can slow your blood circulation. Mainly because they tend to be tight around the waist.

They can also make your heartburn worse, purely because tight clothing pushes into the abdomen, which then causes acid reflux.

And lastly… wearing skinny jeans too often can lead to bad posture. Apparently, they can disrupt the healthy balance between your lower back and hips, and because they can cause excessive lower-back flexion, they may increase stress on your spinal discs.

So, do you wear your skinny jeans day in and day out?

Written by: Anne Mans

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