Is Banksy Back?

todayMarch 18, 2024 49

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It seems as if Banksy has struck again!

Banksy, you know the street art, artist in London whose real identity is not known.

I lived in the UK for several years and it’s such an exciting thing to see his work up close. But back then, it was much easier to stay hidden, so nobody ever knew who he really was. Actually still… Nobody knows who he is.

But so, a new wall mural has appeared in North London, overnight (as is always the case with his work), and its painted or splattered and stenciled on the wall behind a tree that has been cut back.

It’s spring in the UK at the moment, so the tree should actually be in bloom, but it’s not. So, the artwork bring the tree to life, so to speak.

Banksy is known worldwide for his street art, and the only way to really confirm that a piece was created by him, is if he posts it to his website, which as far as I know, he is yet to do.

But he tackles serious topics with his art, and it’s amazing how much attention it always grabs.

So, with this latest suspect piece, he is probably trying to draw attention to how the weather and nature is changing.

Written by: Anne Mans

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