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I always thought that I’m more of a dog person, until the lockdowns started in 2020. That was the year a feral cat decided to choose me as her mama. It must be the most amazing feeling ever when a wild animal chooses you as their human. My collection of cats have grown over the last two years, I  now have 3 feline babies at home.

The youngest one, which is also the biggest one, definitely has a bit of Maine Coon blood in him.  He’s got the size, the look and the behaviours.  He is very curious about water and always tries to jump into the shower with me.  He’s also the only one that would stand outside on the lawn in the rain with me.  (I do that sometimes)

I will admit, having cats is a bit of an adjustment.  I’m not used to the allergic reaction.

The other day the baby cat was lying on the floor, stretched out from Gobabis to Swakopmund, and I played with him a bit, but it was not long before eyes started watering and itching …runny nose… and on top of that, he sneezed.  It’s official, my cats are allergic to me!

Written by: Karlien Kruger

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