Citizen Deep – From Curfew to Club King

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South African dance and house music have seen many rising stars, but few shine as brightly as Citizen Deep. Born Tivani Ian Junior Mkhombo, Citizen Deep has made a name for himself with his unique blend of Afro House and soulful beats. His journey from a young music enthusiast in Soweto to a celebrated DJ and producer is nothing short of inspirational.

The Rise of Citizen Deep

Citizen Deep’s introduction to the music world came early. By the age of 15, he had already released his first EP, showcasing his talent and passion for music. Over the years, he continued to refine his sound, producing hits that resonated with fans across the globe. His albums, including “Ntima,” “Alkebulan,” and “Energy,” have cemented his reputation as a master of his craft. His “ARCADE” series, especially “ARCADE 2,” has been particularly well-received, highlighting his ability to innovate within the Afro House genre​.

Citizen Deep

A Curfew That Shaped a Career

An interesting story about Citizen Deep emerged during his interview with Barret Edelstein, also known as “The Celeb Savant.” Growing up, Citizen Deep faced a strict curfew imposed by his parents, which prevented him from staying out past 8 PM. While this might have deterred many, it only fuelled Citizen Deep’s determination. Instead of attending the parties for which he made music, he would stay home and create music on his computer. This tenacity and dedication to his craft, even under curfew, played a crucial role in shaping his career.

Citizen Deep’s ability to turn a restriction into an opportunity speaks volumes about his character. By focusing on music production at home, he honed his skills and developed a sound that would eventually propel him to stardom. His story is a testament to the idea that passion and perseverance can overcome any obstacle.

The Celeb Savant Podcast

To get a deeper insight into Citizen Deep’s journey, check out his full interview with Barret Edelstein on “The Celeb Savant” podcast. The podcast delves into more details about his early life, career milestones, and the inspirations behind his music.

Written by: Ian Fraser

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