Chris Norman’s Delightful Surprise: “Stumblin’ In” on Netflix

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In the world of music, certain songs hold a timeless charm that continues to resonate with audiences, generation after generation. One such song is “Stumblin’ In,” the iconic duet by Chris Norman and Suzi Quattro. Recently, Chris Norman, the former member of the legendary band Smokie, shared a delightful surprise he experienced when he found out his beloved song had been featured on a popular Netflix show.

In a candid chat with Barret Edelstein, Chris recounted how he discovered this exciting news. It was an ordinary day when his daughter called him out of the blue, her voice filled with excitement. She had just seen “Stumblin’ In” playing on a Netflix series and couldn’t wait to share the news with her father. This unexpected moment of recognition served as a heartwarming reminder of Chris Norman’s enduring success and the lasting impact of his music.

For Chris, this surprise was more than just a pleasant acknowledgment; it was a testament to the timeless appeal of his work. Despite the passage of years, his music continues to captivate and connect with new audiences, proving that great songs never fade away.

To hear more about Chris Norman’s thoughts on this surprise and his illustrious career, tune in to the full podcast with Barret Edelstein.

Written by: Ian Fraser

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