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In a recent episode of the Celeb Savant podcast, Barret Edelstein sat down with Antony Costa from the iconic boy band Blue. Among the many stories and insights shared, one standout moment was Antony’s recounting of the time when legendary musician Elton John joined Blue in the studio to record the song “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word.” Here’s a look at the memorable collaboration and the behind-the-scenes experience.

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The Unexpected Invitation

Antony Costa recalls how the collaboration with Elton John came about almost unexpectedly. Blue had already been enjoying significant success in the music industry, but the opportunity to work with someone of Elton John’s caliber was both thrilling and intimidating. The band was approached with the idea of covering “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word,” one of Elton John’s classic hits, and to their surprise, Elton himself agreed to be part of the project.

The Studio Session

As Antony describes it, the day Elton John walked into the studio was surreal. The band members, all fans of Elton, were in awe of his presence and professionalism. Elton John arrived, ready to work, bringing not just his musical talent but also a sense of ease and encouragement that helped Blue deliver their best performance.

Antony highlights how Elton’s energy was infectious. Despite his legendary status, Elton was approachable and collaborative, making suggestions and giving feedback that elevated the track. The recording session was not just a professional engagement but also an educational experience for Blue, as they observed and learned from Elton’s mastery of music.

Creating Magic

The collaboration resulted in a beautiful rendition of “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word,” blending Blue’s contemporary style with Elton John’s timeless artistry. Antony shares how the recording process was seamless, with Elton’s piano playing perfectly complementing Blue’s vocal harmonies. The final product was a hit, resonating with fans old and new, and adding a significant milestone to Blue’s career.

Reflections on the Experience

For Antony Costa, working with Elton John was a dream come true. He reflects on the experience with a sense of gratitude and pride, acknowledging how such opportunities are rare and precious. The collaboration not only broadened Blue’s musical horizons but also strengthened their resolve to keep pushing creative boundaries.

Listen to the Full Interview

Listen to the full interview with Barret Edelstein, The Celeb Savant…

Written by: Ian Fraser

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