Unlimited iPhone Battery Life: A Fool-Proof Guide

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Our world is dominated by smartphones these days and the eternal struggle to keep our devices charged seems never-ending. Enter Marcus Obeada, who claims to have discovered a game-changing iPhone setting that promises to make your battery life ‘unlimited.’ If you’re tired of your iPhone’s battery constantly running on empty, this step-by-step guide might just be your salvation.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings

Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Access ‘Accessibility’

Once in the Settings menu, scroll down until you find the ‘Accessibility’ option.

Step 3: Dive into ‘Display & Text Size’

Within the Accessibility menu, look for ‘Display & Text Size.

Step 4: Locate ‘Reduce White Point’

Now, scroll down the ‘Display & Text Size’ options until you find the ‘Reduce White Point’ toggle.

Step 5: Adjust the Slider

Tap the ‘Reduce White Point’ toggle, and a slider will appear. According to Marcus, the greater the battery life you seek, the higher you should drag the percentage. Experiment with different levels until you find your sweet spot.

Bonus Tip: Dimming Your Screen

As Marcus demonstrated, not only does reducing the white point save battery, but dimming your screen to the lowest setting can further enhance this power-saving feature. Perfect for those late-night scrolling sessions or when you’re winding down before bedtime.

Conclusion: Enhance Your Battery Life

Marcus Obeada’s ‘unlimited’ iPhone battery life hack may just be the solution to your power-related woes. Give it a try, it not only aids in preserving battery but also provides a more comfortable experience for those who prefer a softer screen glow during low-light conditions.

Written by: Ian Fraser

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