Unfriended: Blocking Mom on Social Media for Peace of Mind

todayJuly 3, 2024 6

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In a recent Newsweek article, a woman’s decision to block her mother on social media sparked a conversation about the intersection of family relationships and online boundaries. The woman found her mother’s comments on her posts awkward and intrusive, leading to discomfort and a need for privacy. This situation reflects a broader issue many face: how to maintain personal space online while staying connected with family.
Social media allows for unprecedented connectivity, but it also brings challenges. Families, who once interacted primarily in person, now have access to each other’s digital lives. This can lead to unintentional oversteps, where parents or other relatives comment in ways that feel invasive.
Blocking a family member might seem drastic, but it can sometimes be the healthiest option to maintain both digital and personal peace. However, open communication is often a better first step. Discussing the reasons behind the discomfort and agreeing on a mutual understanding can prevent hurt feelings and maintain family bonds.
Navigating the digital landscape requires a balance of openness and boundary-setting, especially with family. While it may be challenging, addressing these issues thoughtfully can lead to healthier online interactions and stronger family relationships.

Written by: Tara

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