Studying in my 40’s

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Studying in my 40’s



Ok, I’ve never been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, but lately I’m wondering if I should get my head checked. (No offense intended to those who have confirmation of this condition.)


So, I’m in my early (thank God) 40’s and have just embarked on (another) course. This course is specifically indicated as “advanced” and is also supposed to take 420 hours, minimum, to complete successfully. In my mind that looks like a mountain before me.

That alone is giving me daily second thoughts – I never studied for a degree, as I (wait for it) don’t like things that take long. Yep.

Degrees take long to achieve. So, to you, if you did it, respect!


In my defense, throughout my recent years I’ve managed to finish a few certificate courses via institutions and two, specifically through a great online University, which I am very proud of by the way. University of the People. It’s free – to a certain extent. And, their content and system is so on point. These were really just for personal enrichment and, I got a C and a D.

Go figure, ‘cause I thought I’d get an A and a B. But hey, I did it.

I won’t mention the 2 or 3 courses I embarked on and gave up finishing. Bygones.


Part of me embarking on these studies though, is to prove to myself that I can follow through and actually finish these things. It’s a personal challenge thing and also, I’ve read it’s good for the aging brain to keep learning new stuff. And I’m sure that, like me, you’ve read all the stats about Alzheimer’s becoming more common. It’s scary to me, hence the studying.


So at least I’m trying, right?


Now back to the latest course. It’s a lot of content, work and practicals lay ahead, but it’s all online.

I’m trying to acquire a new skill.

This new skill will open new doors and potentially change the trajectory of my life – which is a big deal. It will offer opportunities to work in a new sphere, as opposed to the one I have always worked in (media, mostly radio). It will also offer great travel opportunities.

So, I reckon it’s worth it. Not to mention it’s not a cheap course, so I can’t afford to not finish this and just give up, or fail. For all the above-mention benefits, I reckon 420 hours of my life is worth the effort, no? Here’s hoping.


Problem is though, I fall asleep when I read. No jokes. A few pages and boom, nap time.

Forgive me for pointing out the obvious, but….you can’t study if you can’t read, right?

So, I’m thinking, this has got to be an age issue. I mean how did I get through 12 years of school? This amazes me now.

But, I just read that your brain is at it’s sharpest at about 20 years of age. Great. That’s 23 years ago. What the heck?

To boot, I fell asleep in church the other day. I mean what is this? Age is a bitch, quite clearly. Or am I just a special case?

Granted, I do see the hilarity of all this.

So, if you are studying at a later age, like me, I feel you. If you are not falling asleep at it, like me, then once again, respect!


When I’m not on air on Nova, be sure, I’ll be buckling down, trying to stay awake and actually learn stuff! Onwards and upwards, as they say!

Written by: Yvette Johnson

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