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This year’s Camp Rock lineup is studded with stars, and one of the most anticipated acts is the iconic South African band, Boo!. Known for their dynamic ‘monki punk’ style, Boo! has captivated audiences worldwide. IanF recently caught up with Riaan Van Rensburg, the powerhouse drummer of the band, to talk about their musical journey and what fans can expect at the festival.

The Beat of Boo!

Riaan shared insights into the band’s unique sound, a fusion of punk rock, jazz, and whimsical theatrical elements, driven by his energetic drumming.

A Legacy of Innovation

Since their inception in the late ’90s, Boo! has continuously pushed the boundaries of music and performance. Their approach to creating songs is as unconventional as their sound—often spontaneous and always experimental. Riaan reminisced about the band’s evolution, highlighting how each album and show is a reflection of their ongoing creative journey.

See Them Live at Camp Rock

Boo! is set to bring their signature flair to Camp Rock, promising a show that’s as engaging as it is unpredictable. “We’re excited to connect with our fans and to introduce new listeners to our world,” said Riaan. Festival-goers can expect a high-energy set filled with both classic hits and new material that showcases the band’s versatility.

Here’s the podcast…

For more on Boo!’s music, check out their YouTube Channel.


Written by: Ian Fraser

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