Gratitude = happiness

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Gratitude = happiness


I wonder how many people realize that our brains are hardwired to deviate towards the negative…? Did you know that? I actually thought that I was just a glass half empty kinda gal. But nope, not just me. According to brain experts, our brains seek out the negatives around us constantly, as a defense mechanism. It’s part of our built-in self-preservation mission. Who knew?


This is a bit of a downer if you ask me, right? So basically, the experts are saying that we tend towards negativity and that’s just how it is. Yet, are we not constantly reminded to think positively and focus on the good? Blah.


The other day I was listening to a TED talk.  I love those. The guy was another brain expert and was explaining brain health with slides and all sort of stats. He said a thing I have held on to. He said, “the opposite of unhappiness is gratitude”.

Really? Being grateful equals happiness? This is science?

Apparently so. I mean the man is a doctor. So, I’ve been pondering that and trying to be mindful of it. But boy, is my hardwired negative-thinking brain kicking against it.  Changing a habit is hard. It takes 21 days to change a neural pathway apparently, a.k.a. learning a new habit.

21 days of gratitude.


How do we do this?

You’ve heard of journaling? Well, I’ve been trying it and I’m happy to say, I think it works. But, what I find even more effective is talking. Have you ever objectively observed what you and your friends/colleagues/family talk about generally? Well, I’ve been observing it and I’m kind of ashamed to say, I’ve found it’s mostly complaining. Sharing our woes and our issues.

Can you say the same or are you doing a better job of it? If so, good on ya!


So, I’m here trying to change that.

New year’s resolution? Nah. Just a new habit I think would serve me better than the old one.


What do you think? Wanna be happier? Well, apparently gratitude is the answer. So, if you’re looking for me, I’ll be working on being more grateful. Because boy, do I have a lot to be grateful for.

Written by: Yvette Johnson

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