4 Ways To Counteract The Effects Of Stress On Your Body

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Stress… It’s something that is unavoidable as an adult, isn’t it?

Did you know however, that not all stress is bad, sounds like an oxymoron, I know, but managed stress can be turned into happiness. Or so says Dr Monica Vermani, a Toronto-based clinical psychologist.

The good news is, I have stumbled upon 4 ways in which you can, let’s say, counterbalance the effects that stress can have on the body. So, you can try and manage your stress levels by incorporating one or more of these tactics.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, right? So, try and bring play time back into your life! Playtime as an adult can be anything from playing with your children to playing board games, it really just depends on what you like to do. 

Do something mindless. And if this means being a couch potato on a Friday night, then that’s ok!

Sigh… Oh I like this!

Apparently sighing up to three times in a row (as dramatic as that may seem) can instantly relieve some of your anxiety.

And lastly. Practice Gratitude! Yes!!

This takes some practice but remember you can and should be grateful for even the smallest of things, like, seeing a particularly beautiful sunset, or successfully planting an avocado pit. 

If we wait to only be grateful for BIG things in life, we might just miss all the small things, and that’s sad.

So, you can try one or all of these stress management techniques, and hopefully it will help lower your stress levels a little bit.

Written by: Anne Mans

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