Masks are the biggest fashion statement of 2020.  Whether you like yours plain and simple, or glammed up and glitzy, we’re all wearing them.  And if you pay attention while queuing up at the store, you’ll notice the many different ways people have found to wear masks.

But there is actually only one correct way to wear a mask.

If you are doing any of the following things, you’re doing it wrong.

  • Only covering your mouth
  • Not covering your entire nose
  • Touching the front of your mask with your hands
  • Pulling the mask down to your chin when you speak
  • Crossing the ear loops

So, what is the right way to wear a mask?  There are 3 basic checks to do when you wear a mask.

  1. It must cover your nose and mouth, reaching over the bridge of your nose and around your chin.
  2. It must fit snugly, with no wide gaps.  Do not cross the ear loops.  It widens the gaps at the sides of your face.
  3. Put the mask on and take it off by only touching the ear loops or ties.  Touching the front will transfer any microbes from your hands to the mask, and vice versa.