1. There is currently no cure for Covid-19. 
  1. The main reason why I write this document is because our regular medical resources (hospitals and health care professionals) are stretched due to the pandemic and, as most of the studies to date are not peer reviewed, the purpose of this document is to serve as a draft to help people cope at home. 
  1. The proposed clinical management plan below is a combination of remedies and treatments that other clinicians throughout the world have used with reasonable success as well as my own understanding of the pathophysiology, and is in no way a guarantee of success. 
  1. This document is only a clinical management plan for you if you are sick with Covid-19. The plan does not address the transmission risks to family members, etc. 
  1. This is written in good faith and in no way may it supersede a treating doctor’s advice. If a doctor/physician is treating you, his clinical decisions take preference. 
  1. The key is to monitor yourself regularly (temperature, blood pressure, pulse oximeter or SpO2, resting heart rate and resting respiratory rate) and to escalate treatment appropriately if needed. 
  1. AS COVID-19 is a novel disease, this plan is based on my current knowledge of the disease. Clinical management may (and probably will) change as more knowledge becomes available. 

Support Your Immune System 

Stop smoking 
Stop alcohol 
Stop junk food 
Stay well hydrated (at least 2.5 l of luke warm water per day, avoid cold drinks, tea with lemon and honey, keep throat wet by drinking small sips regularly)  
Eat vegetables and fruits( your apetite will be gone and your smell and taste can disappear but try to eat) 
Natural Imuune booster remedy (lemon juice ,tumeric, cayenne pepper, ginger, honey and water – blend together and drink half glass per day) 
Take supplements (Vit D 5000U per day, Vit C 1g /day, Zinc ) 
Rest and get enough sleep 
Keep warm 

Reduce Viral Load 

3 Times per day:  

Gargle with betadine mouthwash.  You can also add salt and baking soda to the mixture. 
Steam inhalation with water and Vicks. 
Nasal spray/rinse with saline and added betadine concentrate drops (if nasal congestion, add decongestant). 

Maintain Lung Volume 

Avoid lying flat on your back. 
Sleep on your side or on your tummy. 
Do Box Breathing regularly:  Breathe in for 4 seconds through your nose, hold it in for 4 seconds and then exhale forcefully through pursed lips for 4 seconds.  Do this 5 times, and on the 5th exhalation give two forceful coughs. 

You can also practice blowing up a balloon with 3 breaths, or blow bubbles in a glass of water through a straw.    

Treat Fever Above 38⁰C 

Panado 2 tablets every 6 hours as needed, if insufficient, add brufen 400mg 3 times per day as needed. Fever not responding to above: Try Cochicine 1.5mg loading dose then 0.5 mg twice daily 

When To Seek Medical Advice 

Trouble breathing (if you can’t finish a sentence with one breath) 
New onset confusion, drowsiness or blackouts 
Persistent pain or pressure in the chest 
Bluish lips or face 
Swelling of one or both legs 
Saturation persistent under 92% 
Respiration rate above 30/min 

Control Your Underlying Conditions & Contact Your Doctor to Prescribe Medication 

This list is not all inclusive- please consult your doctor for any symtom that is severe or concerning. 
Continue taking your prescribed medicine. 
Keep your sugar controlled. 
Seek medical advice earlier if you have underlying condtions like Diabetes, Asthma, COPD, heart conditions and hypertension. 
Medicine that can be beneficial: Ectotrin or Clopiwin Plus for clotting prevention( plus compression stockings) 
Azithromycin/ Clarithromycin antibiotics 
Any PPI( Nexium, Altosec etc) 
Any Statin ( Simvastatin, Atorvastatin etc) 
If you have a nebuliser(nebulise with Pulmicort/Combivent) 
ACC 200 3 times daily 
Bromohexine 32 mg twice daily 
Home oxygen/ Oxygen concentrator 

Look After Your Emotional Well-Being 

Try and stay calm 
Keep emergency numbers close by 
Have network of friends and family to bring essentials