We all have challenges we are facing right now. But we cannot focus all our attention on this negativity.
The fact remains, this time will pass, and the actions we take right now will have a significant impact on how strong our businesses will become post-coved 19.
To that end, Future Media is hosing an inspiring webinar series to help local businesses, in our footprint, recover faster.
We have secured an international speaker who is a world-leading authority on sales and marketing practices.
If you want to get excited about the future and gain yourself a competitive advantage, then this webinar is for you.

The insights you will gain form the webinar include:
* The lessons previous recessions have taught us and what the businesses who came out on top, all had in common
* You’ll discover the critical factor that influences over 90% of your customer’s purchase decisions.
* You’ll see what the world’s biggest advertisers are currently doing, in the middle of a recession, to ensure they recover faster.
* You’ll discover the four factors that influence over 76% of whether your advertising will or not.

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