NOVA 103.5 bied met trots aan Agra Draadloos Direk. Die populere aktualiteitsprogram oor landbousake word saamgestel en aangebied deur Pieter Stoman. Die program kyk na aktuele landbousake, die weervooruitsigte en nuus oor veeveilings.


Agra draadloos Direk

For all things Agriculture, Agra Draadloos Direk brings the farm right into your home. News, weather and general agri talk, directly from the people who grow our food, sell our livestock and those who provide the producers of Namibia with the implements to keep agriculture going. Plaas jy luister NOVA.

Presented by PD Stoman, Brand & Communications Manager at Agra.

Reach out or contact us via WhatsApp on 081 258 2338


FLIGHTING TIMES: Tuesday @ 05:50 Wednesday @ 18:30 Thursday @ 16:00 Saturday @ 09:00 Sunday @11:30